100+ Custom Shortcodes

Shortcodes are great for you to improve the functionality and variety of your page or post content with ease. Magee Theme includes 100+ powerful shortcodes for everything, from columns, typographyand buttons, to price tables, accordions, portfolios and testimonials. You can easily use the shortcodes by clicking the relevant shortcode buttons on WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Price Table

Using the price table shortcode to quickly display tables with prices and descriptions for products and packages.Read More→


Button shortcode allows you to add beautiful buttons of different styles, sizes, and colors to pages or posts.Read More→

Google Map

– You can easily add a Google map anywhere in your website with the Google map shortcode!Read More→


– List shortcode gives you an easy yet great way to style related items. MageeBuider offers you 16 different list styles.Read More→


Tab shortcode is used to show more content with less space. You can have as many tabs as needed.Read More→

Quote & Pullquote

– The quote and pullquote shortcodes give you the ability to easily cite an author or a fellow blogger.Read More→


– Service shortcode takes 3 parameters: title, description and title icon for grabbing readers’ attentions.Read More→


– Magee Theme comes with 3 different spoiler styles to make your page/post content more easily accessible.Read More→


– Accordion shortcode allows you to display a set of items in a compact space. We have 3 different accordion styles.Read More→


– With the Divider Shortcode, you can easily separate your homepage, page and post content into sections.Read More→


Lead the reader into your paragraphs with the Dropcap shorcode. Magee Theme has 6 different styles of Dropcaps.Read More→

Box & Note

– Box &Note shortcodes let you create different types of boxes for information and drawing attention to content.Read More→

Column Layout

– With the column layout shortcode, you can easily divide your page/post content into different columns.Read More→


– Using Table shortcode lets you easily and quickly create a table to style various data such as reports.Read More→


– You can easily add videos, auidos and images of different formats to any page or post with the media shortcode.Read More→


– The Slideshow Shortcode allows you to create novio slider and insert it to any post(s) or page(s) you want.Read More→


– The Gallery shortcode gives you the ability to insert a series of images and descriptions using the portfolio shortcode.Read More→

Contact Form

– Create a contact form and insert the form into just about any place on your website that you would like.Read More→


– With testimonial shortcode, you can easily add styled testimonials to your posts and pages to gain readers’ trust.Read More→

Highlight & Label

– The highlight & Label shortcodes gives you a perfect way to emphasize certain part of your content for the readers.Read More→

Image Frame

– MageeBuilder comes with the image frame to help you add frame to your images in any post or page.Read More→


– jCarousel shortcode gives you the ability to control a list of items in horizontal or vertical order.Read More→